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<p>You can share the fun of the drive or just get some rest with additional driver. And you’ll always stay on top of your social game wherever you are with mobile Wi-Fi. Pre-book both additional driver and mobile Wi-Fi for your next journey.<br>
Just make sure to select each item you’d like when booking your vehicle. <br>


<h2>Available Products?</h2><br><br>
<h3>Second Driver</h3><br>
<p>For more comfort and piece of mind. </p><p>For unlimited wireless acces to internet!</p>

<p><b>Budget Product Terms and Conditions:</b>]
Booster Seats are available in mainland Europe (not UK)
GPS Speed camera alerts must be turned off when driving in France
Additional drivers must agree to the same terms and conditions as the main driver. Additional drivers under the age of 25 are subject to a Young Driver Surcharge
Fair usage policy applies to Avis Mobile Wi-Fi online
In the UK, Mobile Wi-Fi cannot be booked for One Way Rentals and works in the pick-up country only.
In Europe, Mobile Wi-Fi works across borders. Mobile Wi-Fi is subject to availability and signal availability.